Zuma Brings the Jungle to the Casino

The Zuma video game derives its name from Montezuma, a native leader. The game was developed by PopCap Games and can be played for free on a variety of different websites. It is also available for purchase on multiple platforms including mobile phones and PDAs. There is even an enhanced version for PlayStation and Xbox. In 2004, it also received the “Game of the Year” award, presented by RealArcade.

The video game Zuma is all about tile matching. Depending upon the game, puzzles have to be matched or balls are shot in order to clear the board. Various patterns take place and the balls are constantly moving. When more than three of the same color balls are removed, it will remove all of them in one link. There are also various powers that can be used to help clear more balls at a time – including fire balls and more time.

The game features a lot of graphics and takes place within the Aztec jungles of Mexico. It offers a fast-paced game that can become very addictive. Different websites that provide the game take advantage of the theme and even change the background of the game from week to week, offering a different landscape for users.

Zuma Slots

For those who enjoy playing Zuma but wish they could make money at it, there is now Zuma Slots, available on Jackpotjoy slots. Players will enjoy the multiple payline game where money can be won in the jungles of Mexico. There are up to 20 paylines, allowing players to have multiple opportunities to win for every spin.

The amount of money that can be wagered varies as well. This allows gamblers of all levels to take advantage of Zuma. The coin that can be selected ranges from 1p to £1 per line. The maximum payout for the game is 10,000x the coin size – which means that someone can win up to £10,000 in a single spin.

The fun doesn’t stop with just spinning the reels. There are special features built into Zuma Slots. This means that there is the opportunity to gamble winnings – providing the means to get 2x, 4x or even up to 10x the winnings instantly. There are also Scatter and Wild symbols making it even easier to win big.

For those who are lucky enough to get it in the jungle, there is also the Free Spin Round with 3 or more Scatter symbols, where there is the chance to win up to 50 free spins.

Zuma has been a favorite for many when it comes to playing a game on the computer or staying entertained on a PDA. Now with Zuma Slots at Jackpotjoy, people have the chance to turn their favorite game into a way to make cash on the spot.