The New European Lottery EuroJackpot

On Friday 23rd March in Helsinki, Finland, the first draw of an enormous and brand new lottery game will be held live in the evening. The game is called the Euro Jackpot and it is the brain child of lottery organisations from Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Denmark and Finland.  In November of 2011 these nations met in Amsterdam to discuss starting this game, and since their negotiations even more nations have expressed an interest in becoming a member state of the game, including Iceland, Norway, Estonia and Sweden. Organisers of the Euro Jackpot expect approximately 50 million players for each weekly draw.

The reason this game is going to become so wildly popular is due to a combination of it’s excellent rules which give great winning odds and prizes. Tickets have gone on sale as of the 17th of March and can already be purchased online from anywhere in the world. Players will be able to buy their tickets for only €2 each, however some service fees may apply when buying a ticket online. Eurojackpot results can be found minutes after the draw online.

The game will be played by selecting 5 numbers from a field of 1-50 and 2 numbers from a field of 1-8. The odds of matching all 7 of your chosen numbers with the drawn numbers for a jackpot win are approximately 1 in 59 million. These odds are greatly favourable compared with similar sized lotteries that often have odds well in excess of 1 in 100 million. What makes the game even more desirable is the minimum €10,000,000 that will be available once every Friday. While the maximum rollover possible is capped at €90,000,000 the jackpot winning odds won’t see the cap hit very often if at all. Even if you don’t win the Euro Jackpot top prize though you won’t be left out as there are 12 prize categories in total for matching even just a few numbers.