Strategy tips for multiline slots at Jackpotjoy

While Jackpotjoy hosts a great selection of classic online slots games, it is the modern-style multiline slots that offer the greatest potential for adopting strategies.

While no strategy is guaranteed to yield a profitable result for the player, when used intelligently they can be successfully employed to increase your chances of winning over the longer term.

The multiline slots available at Jackpotjoy typically consist of five reels with five visible symbols on each, with up to 25 winning lines that can be drawn across the reel table. In most cases, you can adjust both the amount of winning lines that you play for on each spin, and the amount that you stake on each line. Some games will only allow you to adjust one or the other, but the principles are the same – it’s all about varying the amount that you bet each turn.

Jackpotjoy’s Wonderland is a great example of a multiline slot game

Varying the stake size changes the amount that you can win if a winning combination of symbols comes up on one of your lines. Changing the number of winning lines alters the likelihood that winning symbols will appear on one of your lines. Betting big on a single line or just a few lines means that you could win more money with a smaller overall stake, but it makes it less likely that you will win. Therefore, if you choose to increase your stake, you have the option of playing for bigger online slots prizes or putting yourself in with a better chance of winning smaller prizes. Finding a balance that suits your style of play is key to improving your winning chances when playing slots online at Jackpotjoy.

In terms of applying strategies to online slots at Jackpotjoy, the way in which you alter your stake size matters less than when you choose to change the parameters, and by how much. A popular approach to strategy is to increase your bet size when you lose, and decrease it when you win. In theory, this means that your next win will be more likely to cover previous losses, and your winnings will be better protected. The amount by which you choose to do this is entirely up to you. If you prefer a fast, high-risk game, you might choose to double up after losses and halve the bet after wins, in the style of the popular Martingale system for roulette. If you like this approach, but find the extreme stake increases too risky for your liking, you can opt to increase or decrease by a lesser, pre-determined amount, such as one line or 5p per turn.

A more measured approach, which should at least add longevity to your game, is to change your stake size whenever your balance goes above or below a certain amount. You can pre-set the auto-spin function to stop at these thresholds in order to allow you to do this. So, if your balance is running low, you might opt to decrease your stake size in an effort to make the game last longer, thereby increasing your chances of recovery. Similarly, if your balance goes above a certain amount, you might want to increase your stake size in order to get among the bigger prizes. Ultimately, no strategy will guarantee success, but at the very least, applying a strategy such as this will introduce an element of self-discipline into your game, which should help to improve your winnings or control your losses over the longer term. You can test out the effectiveness of any strategy by playing free slots online in demo mode at, as this will give you an idea of how well it works before you start applying it to paid games.