Start a Euromillions Office Pool and Maximize Your Chances to Win

Fast times around the office? Hardly. If there’s one place where people find themselves getting bored, it’s definitely at work. However, we aren’t real big fans of being bored at work. Work has a unique social environment all of its own — you want to go out and actually engage in conversation with your coworkers, but what do you really talk about?

Well, why not the lottery? Indeed, the idea of office pools is not new, but when it comes to play euromillions today and/or other types of lottery games, you can actually get a lot more accomplished than you think. Opening up the conversation at work would mean that you’re trying to include everyone in the big winnings.

Most people would only see the fact that they’re giving up a lot of their winnings in exchange for more buying power, but that’s a short sighted way to look at it.  You’re going to have to split the winnings with the people that helped you buy a whole bank of tickets, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t make out handsomely from the deal. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you really do take the time to get things set up.

The most important thing here is that you will want to not only talk with every member of the group, but you definitely want to get them on the same page with you. It’s tempting to just assume that they’re going to go along with just about anything that you have to say, but this is often not the case at all. Far too often office pools break down because there is a small jackpot won, but there’s an argument over who gets what. You should make sure that everyone contributes the same amount of money, and that the winnings are going to be split fairly. You can offer to manage things or you to appoint someone that the group is more comfortable with. The important point here is harmony — anyone that feels resentful can start trouble for you later when you try to claim your share of the winnings, so skip over the discord by planning ahead.

Now is really the perfect time to build your own office pool for the Euromillions lottery — why not make sure that you get started right anyway? Remember that you cannot win unless you play and play hard!