Play Blackjack with Some Class

When playing blackjack, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Prepare before your experience by learning basic blackjack etiquette. The first rule of playing is to wait your turn. If you sit down in the middle of a hand, wait until it is over before you place your bet. Also, never choose the seat to the left of the player, which would be the last seat the table, if you are new to the game. This seat takes too much heat during bets, something you want to avoid until you are comfortable and experienced. If you need to leave the table during a hand, such as for a restroom emergency, you can do so. Simply ask the dealer to mark your place with a clear disc of plastic notifying others that your box is taken.

Now, as for bets, find out ahead of time whether or not you will be using chips or currency and follow suit. Once at the blackjack table, you will want to put your money or chips in the betting box. If you are using money, make sure to say “Money plays” to proceed. For change, be polite and ask “Change, please.” Once you are ready to play, make sure your chips or currency is stacked with the smallest denomination at the top of your stack. Also, keep your hands to yourself and off of your bet.

Play Blackjack

Once the games begin, you need to know a few hand signals that can make or break your plays. Multiple-deck games in particular use hand signals to transmit decisions regarding plays. Always pick up the cards dealt to you in a single or double-deck game with a single hand. When you want to signal a hit, scratch the cards across the table. To stand, simply slide your cards beneath your chips. For a bust, flip your cards so they are facing up, which is the same technique used for double down or split pairs. Allow the dealer to position any cards under your chips facing up at the conclusion of play.

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