Pick your poision

Perhaps playing the slots isn’t a dramatic as the title of this article would suggest. I often catch myself being too harsh on the game, so I’ll take a step back and choose my words carefully from this point on. However, it is generally a game of complete chance, one that leaves skill and strategy mostly at the casino double-doors. The lure that flashy jackpot is strong, though. But if you’re new to the game, you’ll first want to know what types of machines/methods of slot play are available to you,so you can make an informed decision and…you know the rest.

There are four basic food groups of slot machines, starting with the old-school mechanical reels. This is the one version of slots that requires you to have an actual arm – the others technically could be operated with your tongue. You know the drill here, your arm sets the mechanism in motion, and stoppers randomly position the wheels to determine what your pull will be. Popular before the times of the digital rule of…everything.

playing the slots

Next is electromagnetic reels. These are the ones most commonly used in casinos across the world today. They are controlled by a computer that randomly generates a number (RNG – random number generation). The computer is constantly sending numbers to the machine, even when you’re not playing. When you push the button to start the game, the computer takes the last three numbers generated to determine the pull. This supposedly prevents players from establishing a pattern or routine on any one machine to cheat it. Most people believe that maximizing the multiple-line bets each time increases your odds, but that’s not necessarily true. Always read the rules, as you can be making bets that overlap and cancel each other out, thus hurting your odds.

Third up are physical video slots in the casino – one step removed from going completely virtual. They utilize the same basic RNG that electromagnetic slots do, but you see electronic images instead of stickers on a wheel. Avoid overlapping bets by reading the rules is essential in this form of slot gambling.

And finally, online slot play (shutter). Research these sites before you put money into play, using word of mouth from the community and validating the pay tables, as well. It may sound trivial, but pay attention to the sounds and aesthetic of these sites, as well. How professional do they look? Do the sounds make it feel like you’re in an actual casino? It matters.