Poker Slots

If you like playing poker, but are not too good at it, then slot machine can be a great way to still play but have a better chance of winning. The machine will turn over five cards for you. You will decide which ones to keep and which ones to change and then you will […]

Slot machines

Playing slot machines at casinos can be great fun. Many people think that they are not so exciting as playing the tables or card games. However, just because you are in front of a machine and not playing with lots of others, it can still be lots of fun. Slots vary a lot, some have […]

Online slots vs the real world slot machines

Wondering what to make out of all the buzz about online slots and casinos? You would find this article helpful, as it tries to explain as to how the online slots differ from the real casino slot machines. Online casino companies have taken special care to assure that they translate as much of the real […]

The New European Lottery EuroJackpot

On Friday 23rd March in Helsinki, Finland, the first draw of an enormous and brand new lottery game will be held live in the evening. The game is called the Euro Jackpot and it is the brain child of lottery organisations from Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Denmark and Finland.  In November of 2011 these nations met […]

Strategy tips for multiline slots at Jackpotjoy

While Jackpotjoy hosts a great selection of classic online slots games, it is the modern-style multiline slots that offer the greatest potential for adopting strategies. While no strategy is guaranteed to yield a profitable result for the player, when used intelligently they can be successfully employed to increase your chances of winning over the longer […]