Online slots myths

Slot machines are mysterious things, and pretty fascinating as well. There’s an undeniable air of expectancy when one is around a real slot machine, and even the online slots replicate that eerie yet exciting feeling. There is a whole pool of myths and misconceptions filled to the brim as far as online slots are concerned, and this article is an aim at busting all those myths and presenting the real undercurrents that pervade the world of online slots. You really need to fuse out all the false alarms that might ring at the wrong time and entice you into making an economically suicidal move while enjoying online slots.

Never ever believe the self proclaimed slot machine experts who profess that there is a code and pattern followed by the machine in churning out the outputs on the screen, and mastering the code can lead to guaranteed winning bets for you. The truth is that if such a statement was based on reality, the preacher would himself have become a rich man, and owned the casino! Slot machines are always run on a Random Number Generator, abbreviated as RNG. Real world machines are programmed in such a manner that each spin is absolutely independent of the last spin event, and there is really no bridge that connects the logic of spinning of the present turn with that of the last turn. The truth is that it is as probable that you’d spend a couple of hours and pocketful of cash on the machine or online slots and end up left high and dry as that you try your luck for a single time and hit gold straightaway. There is no pattern; just pure luck, and that is the whole essence of it all!

Some people blabber about the gambling game being manipulated by the people conducting it. It is often alleged that such online slot conductors deliberately make certain players win, so that they are drawn into the pool of betting and ultimately end up losing big. Also, there are rumours that casino owners with slot machines try to motivate heavy spenders by making them hit the jackpot, just to ensure that these players do not change the casino loyalty. This is far from being true, as there is no way the outcome of online slots, and for that matter even real world slots, can be manipulated. It is all controlled by the unpredictable RNG, and that is the end of the story! It is one thing shelling out incentives and discounts on certain online casino visitors, but certainly too far fetched for conductors of online slots to make people win on their own whims and fancies.

Online slots can not be mastered, and there is no denying this simple truth. One could easily find hundreds of guides trying to explain the working of the whole thing, but it is all worthless. There are millions of possible combinations hurrying through the processors of slot machines both real and virtual, and it is not quite possible to work out a strategy. The best strategy you can use is to play safely and let your luck do the rest.