Get the maximum bonus for the minimum money

Mobile gambling has undergone an enormous boom, especially in 2013, which has meant that there are an incredible amount of mobile casinos on the market for players to enjoy. 2020 is set to be an even bigger year for the industry, with an increasing number of gamblers staying loyal to mobile platforms.

Mobile gamblers betting exclusively on mobile devices make up the majority of this category, and it’s no wonder considering the fantastic game play that these platforms tend to offer. Above all many gamblers are attracted to the free money on offer from these apps and sites. The bonus is meant to incentivise players to sign up and deposit, and these platforms really are offering deals that are worth taking advantage of, whether you’re new to mobile gambling or you’re a dedicated player. However, any potential depositor should be aware of three simple tips in order to bag the best possible bonus.

Find free money sites

You’ll find that the majority of mobile casinos offer free money to new sign ups, so this should be seen as a bare minimum when registering somewhere new. Shop around to try and find the best possible bonus, but remember that all free money is fantastic considering most sites have bets as little as 1p. Some casinos will for example gives a fiver to all new players, and has betting options ranging from 1p to about £2.50. £5 can go a long way it’s no wonder that sites such are so popular with new players especially.

Look for deposit bonuses

Set your sights high and don’t just settle for free money. Most mobile casino sites will also give away great offers on your first deposit, many of which will double your money for you. Both this and the free money give you a great opportunity to trial their games for free and work out which ones play to your strengths the best.

Don’t forget that a fair few mobile casinos also give out reload bonuses. If you find one of these casinos then this is a real plus, because there’s nothing like being continuously rewarded for playing at a site. It means you’re more likely to come back and then more likely to get free money – it’s a win win situation!

Seek a selection of games

It’s never enough just to get free money just at the start. The places where you’re most likely to win a pile of cash happen to be the sites or apps that have the widest range of games with the best graphics on the market. This is because they all tend to have different rules, jackpots and betting options, which means dependent on your skill set and mood you can trial a variety of UK slots or casino games to see which ones make you the most money. The larger selection of games also indicates a better quality of site and gaming experience, making the site safer, more fun and more profitable!