Easy tips to win at slots

Slot machines were initially put up in casinos around the world as a tool to keep the casual gamers occupied and deplete their bankroll little by little. However, since this casino game requires no knowledge of gambling and calls for an extremely small bet, it soon became one of the most popular games in the house and was before long hogging the limelight rather than remaining on the sideline where it was originally intended to be. In fact, statistics show that it is by far the most profitable game played in casinos and accounts for nearly 60 percent of the yearly gaming profits in the United States of America.

Though the advances in technology have changed the slot machine from a mechanical instrument where the player had to pull a lever to rotate the reels to an automated machine where the player has to press a button to move the same, the game has remained unchanged. The line-up of pictures on the reel determines the pay line as well as the winning or losing of the player. The payout depends on the way the pictures line up along the pay line.  You can improve your odds of winning at the slot machine by following a few time-tested tips mentioned in the following paragraph.

It is always a better option to play two-coin slot machine that have three reel and one pay line. It pays better to play maximum number of coins after assessing which machine has the best payoff return. These are usually placed near the cash counter. Stick to machines that offer a return of 97.4% or higher. At the same time, it is highly advisable that you stay away from tree-coin machines. The only exception to this rule is the progressive slot machine. You should also stay away from nickel slot machines and stick to those units that display double up symbols.

Many slot veterans follow the hit-and-run strategy to maximize their wins from the slot machine. This implies that they keep moving from one slot machine to another even if a particular machine is giving them a good pay. This is indeed a wise move as all slot machines have an RNG that keeps a check on the number of wins. Since winning at slot is pure luck, it is important not to be carried away in the heat of the moment and exceed the budget set for yourself.

When playing slots online it is very important that you play on the casinos that have established software such as Playtech slots – which is one of the best in the gambling industry.