Betting Strategies for Slots – Do They Work?

If you were to look into strategies to help improve your performance at slots, you’d immediately be inundated by numerous different betting strategies – all of which claim to hold the key to success.

Naturally, you’d probably find it rather suspicious. After all, if there really was a betting strategy that could guarantee wins or even dramatically improve the odds of winning – why wouldn’t every single avid slots player be using it?

Slots Odds Do Not Change

The one thing that you need to wrap your head around right from the get go is that each game of slots has a certain payout percentage and a payout table. More importantly, both the payout percentage and payout table always remain the same.

Strategies for Slots

What that means is that whenever you spin the reels of a particular game of slots, your odds of landing a winning combination are exactly the same as they were the last time you spun the reels. This holds true in conventional casinos as well as online casinos.

As such, it should be readily apparent that any so-called ‘betting strategy’ that claims you have a better chance of winning if your vary your bet from spin to spin is blatantly false. These strategies are known as ‘bet sizing’ and they aren’t applicable to slots at all.

After all, if the odds themselves aren’t changing and your chances of winning remain the same – what would varying you bet actually accomplish? Yes – the answer is, “Nothing!”

To be entirely honest, not only do these betting strategies not work – but they are actually risky too due to the fact that you could very well end up betting big and losing, and then betting small and winning only a small pot as a result.

When you boil it down, the only ‘betting strategy’ for slots is to find the right bet based on both your budget and the payout table and then stick to it.

So if you ever encounter any betting strategies that boast about being able to ‘guarantee success’ or even just boost your odds of winning, take them with a pinch of salt. The fact of the matter is that these strategies don’t work – not for slots anyway!