3 reel slots in UK casinos

It’s a well-known fact that online slot machines are the most popular games in top UK online casinos and gambling sites all over the world. The broadest classification of online slots divided them into 3-reel slots called classic slots and 5-reel slots called video slots. You may think that the only thing that differs is the number of reels displayed. However, the real difference lies much deeper than that.

First slot machine invented by Charles Fey had three reels that were set in motion by a lever located on the site of a device. Three reels of this simple slot machine were covered with such simple symbols as spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and liberty bells. The maximum fixed payout of 10 nickels was hit when three symbols of a Liberty Bell appeared on a single payline. That’s how the name of Liberty Bell actually appeared.

The first three reel slot machine made the whole revolution in the gaming device industry. The demand was so high that by 1908 slot machines were installed in most bars, saloons, stores and so on. The whole generation was raised on three reel slot machines with an easy mechanical mechanism. Therefore, there is nothing surprising about the fact that even now, in the age of modern video slots with 5 reels and numerous special features, some people still prefer the old good feeling of the one-armed bandit.

Conservative players prefer gambling in a simpler manner. They despise 5 reel video slots with their numerous features and elaborate graphics and choose their favourite classic slots in UK online casinos. Younger generation of gamblers, of course, prefers modern five reel slot games with bonus rounds, numerous paylines and other special features.

However, even old good 3 reel slots evolved much since the day of their creation. If you visit any large UK online casino, you will see that modern classic slots are no longer limited to a single central payline, but can have from one to five paylines that a player triggers in the beginning of the game. In some games, the more coins you bet, the more lines you activate. Some other games allow you to play several three reels slots at once in order to receive incredible payouts.

What’s more, some modern 3 reel slot machines also feature progressive jackpots. Only players who place the max bet in the game are eligible to hit this jackpot that reaches incredible heights in some UK online casinos. A special combination of symbols should appear on a certain payline to trigger a progressive jackpot. Some other three reel slots also feature special symbols that are more typical to video slots. We are talking about wild symbols that replace other symbols or even bonus symbols that award extra wins.

If you enjoy tournaments in UK online casinos, then you will be also pleased to know that some gambling sites hold tournaments played on 3 reel slots machines. Therefore, 3 reel slot machines are the perfect choice for players who enjoy simple gambling process and some special features at the same time.