10 reasons why a virtual casino is better than the real thing

The rise in popularity of online casino games has been one of the most obvious changes to the Internet in recent times. According to iGaming Business the industry has experienced massive exponential growth as increasing numbers of people are discovering the excitement and enjoyment that comes from online gaming. Even people who had never set foot in a real world casino are being tempted into their online counterparts, enjoying the vast range of games on offer.

So what is driving this switch in gaming habits and attitude? Listed below are 10 possible reasons why virtual casinos are more popular than their real life alternatives.

1. You can play at home, on the move or even at work

The introduction of mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops means that you can now visit a virtual casino wherever you are in the world, at any time. Play in your lunch break at work, on the train home or at home in the evening when the

2. You can play for as long as you want, as often as you want

Many people would not travel to their local casino for two hands of blackjack. Playing online however means you can play for as long as you want, as frequently as you like. You are in complete control, whether it is just a minute or two snatched on the way home from work, or a longer session of an evening.

3. No transport costs

A trip to the casino can be expensive, petrol costs are rising and taxi and bus fares are no longer as cheap as they once were. A virtual casino can be with you 24-hours a day, in your pocket on your smartphone or available via your laptop. You have to travel to the real casino, but a virtual casino always comes to you.

4. You can play with friends or alone

For many people a trip to the casino is a social thing, if friends are unavailable then they will likely not go alone. In contrast, a virtual casino is the perfect place for the solitary player and the communal gamer. This means that gamers can play at the virtual casino when it suits them, rather than when their friends can find the time to arrange a night out.

5. You don’t end up playing the same faces week in, week out

Local casinos often have the same people playing the same games each and every week. The regulars become familiar faces to patrons. Why play the same people each week when you can play against anybody anywhere in the world in a virtual casino?

6. Wear what you like

Getting dressed up for a night in the casino can be great fun, or an utter chore. Playing at home means you can lounge around with your laptop in your pyjamas with a mug of cocoa and a hot crumpet if you prefer.

7. You don’t have to keep your emotions in check

If you are a poker player, then you will understand the need to keep a ‘poker face’ ready for a real life game in order not to give your opponents any advantage. At home, you can relax, screech, swear, jump about, yell, laugh and giggle your way through rounds, safe in the knowledge that nobody else on the table has a clue what you are doing.

8. You can control your spending easily

It is easy on a night out, if your luck isn’t going well, to be tempted to visit the cashier and spend an extra £20, £50 or £100 on chips that you hadn’t bargained for. Peer pressure can make even the most sensible gambler cave in to pressure and spend more than they would like. In a virtual casino, that isn’t an issue, deposit how much you want to spend under no pressure whatsoever.

9. The wide choice of games available

Even the plushest casinos can’t offer the same wealth and breadth of games that virtual casinos have. The best websites offer over 540 different games, ranging from online roulette, poker and baccarat, to slots, scratchcards and much, much more. The choice is virtually limitless.

10. Assistance and guidance is always available

In a real casino, it is sometimes viewed as impolite to ask players for tips or advice. In an online environment, this is very different. Most top virtual casinos offer lengthy hints and tips, while many players are happy to share their knowledge and experience with novice gamers in the form of blogs and articles.